To celebrate their 10th anniversary,

the « Faucheurs Volontaires » invite you to

The International Meeting of the anti-GMO movements

20 and 21 July 2013

at Bouzy-la-Forêt (Loiret, France)

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The Faucheurs Volontaires (Volunteer Reapers ) movement was born at the Larzac gathering in 2003. After a 10-year resistance in France, that has raised the public debate on GMOs and slowed down their development, the movement will celebrate its 10th anniversary on 20 and 21 July 2013 in Bouzy-la-Forêt (Loiret, France). So as to unite our struggles, the Faucheurs Volontaires invite ALL the resistants from Europe and farther to meet, exchange about the situation in their country, the actions they lead and build up together an international joint opposition.


Friday 19 July

From 14.00: Welcome of the participants

On the site, in the village centre

15.00 : Fun fair games

17.30 : Theatrical performance : The Autonomous Laundromat – “Des méninges au service du ménage – Entreprise Delalesse”

by and with Laurent Fradin and Delphine Levêque – Fabrika Pulsion


CONCERT at 20.30



Saturday 20 July

9.00 The Faucheurs Volontaires movement

The history of the movement from its creation to today.

With Christine Thelen, Jean-Baptiste Libouban, speech by José Bové (video)

10.30 Legal presentation of the Faucheurs Volontaires’ defence

With the Faucheurs Volontaires’ solicitors : Marie-Christine Etelin, Nicolas Gallon, Jérôme Bouquet-Elkaïm, Guillaume Tumerelle, speech by François Roux (video)

13.30 GMOs in Europe : current situation and legislation

With Arnaud Apoteker (GMO campaigner for the Greens at the European Parliament, France)

14.30 GMOs in human food and animal feed

With Barbara Van Dyck et Steven Desanghere (Field Liberation Movement, Belgium), Anton Luccioni (activist, The Netherlands), representative of Stop OGM Pacifique (New-Caledonia), René Louail (Confédération Paysanne, France)

16.30 Social, economic and environmental consequences of GM crops

With Darci Frigo (Landless Workers’ movement, Brazil), Sreedevi Lakshmi Kutty (Coalition for a GM-free India, India), Juan-Felipe Carasco (SALVIA, Spain), Josie Riffaud (Via Campésina, France)

18.30 The inevitable contamination

With Mariam Mayet (African Centre for Biosafety, South Africa), Juan-Felipe Carasco (SALVIA, Spain), Luigi d’Andrea (Stop OGM, Switzerland), Arnaud Apoteker (GMO campaigner for the Greens at the European Parliament, France)


CONCERT at 21.00

“La fantasque bande à Lucien”

“Les glandeurs de Gergolie”


Sunday 21 July

9.00 GM Wheat

With Luca Colombo (Foundation for Organic and Biodynamic Research, Italy), Christophe Noisette (Inf’OGM, France), Liz Walker et Gérald Miles (Take the Flour Back, United Kingdom)

10.45 Farmers’ seeds facing GM seeds

With Lamine Biaye (Farmers’ seeds producers association, Senegal), René Segbenou (Coalition for the Protection of African Genetic Heritage, Benin), Catherine Marielle (Grupo de Estudios Ambientales AC, Mexico), Guy Kastler (Réseau Semences Paysannes – Farmers’ seeds network, France)

13.30 Perpetuating this meeting (workshops)

Parallel workshops to materialize and value the strength of the exchanges and to project into the future.

15.30 Workshops reports

16.30 Closing of the meeting

Common statement to end it.



Bouzy-la-Forêt (Loiret, France), in the village centre. Signposts in the surroundings will help you to find your way.

Access by train

The Ulys network (bus service) links the railway stations of Orléans and Montargis to Bellegarde. A shuttle Bellegarde-Bouzy la Forêt is possible on request: email and phone contact below.

Schedules: Orléans “gare routière” (close to the railway station)-Bellegarde : 6.10-8.00-12.30-16.30-17.15-18.30-19.00

Schedules: Montargis-Bellegarde : 6.10-6.50-7.25-12.30-16.05-18.35


Day life

• a camping site is available (see map).

• all the meals, organic and local, are planned on the site.


(The « altertour » (cycling tour) will stop at Bouzy la Forêt for those 2 days – site web:


Contact : – (+33