Next GM potato-trial: April 2nd 2013, from 8 A.M. on, Justitieplein in Dendermonde.

You are warmly invited to come and support the 11 activists that are resisting the unjust sentences in the ‘GM potato trial’.
This time, you are not only welcome to show your support, but also to contribute with all your experience, knowledge and enthusiasm in our own Popular Tribunal outside the court. Kids are more than welcome too!

As you probably know, the field liberators appeared before court on the 15th of January, but decided to leave it shortly after, since they hadn’t had the right to a fair trial where witnesses and video testimonies of the defense could be heard.
The judgement was then given by default, counting a fee of more than 25.000€, and 6 to 8 months of effective prison for five of them.
The defense having lodged an opposition to it, the trial is reopened.

More info will come soon and

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