We are a loose cFLM_lapin orangeollective of concerned citizens from Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia, that wants to keep our country free from gmo crops in open fields. We want to contribute to the promotion of public debate on gmos (field trials, imports, patents of life,…). We are also willing to remove and replace gmo plants through actions of non-violent public disobedience.

The Field Liberation Movement and its sympathisers promote sustainable solutions for farmers and consumers and a transparent research funding of science in the interest of society.

Public funds should benefit sustainable agriculture, and not the patenting of genes and crops by a handful of multinationals. The position of farmers in the food chain should be strengthened, not weakened.

There are insufficient studies of the risks of GMO’s for humans and the environment. The monoculture that GMOs are designed for do not solve hunger nor enrich biodiversity.