To everybody that supports the struggle for food sovereignty and a GMO-free agriculture!

On Tuesday September 24th, the Court of Dendermonde (BE) will render its verdict in the GMO potato process. It is a chance for the judges to reconsider the inclusion of the Voluntary Defendants in the trial and to judge that hundreds of people took part in a legitimate political action against an illegal GMO field trial in Wetteren in May 2011.

We will not mobilise on the 24th of September in front of the court of Dendermonde, but we hope to see appear numeorus public support messages in the coming days.

Vandana Shiva, world-renowned researcher and activist, already did so. In a crowded theater in Ghent she wondered what will happen the day that farmers, consumers, activists and critical scholars worldwide realize that they, together, feed and represent the majority? She suggested the University of Ghent to radically shift its research policy and to invest massively in sustainable agriculture research. Vandana Shiva also had a special message for the judges of Dendermonde and for the rector of the KuLeuven: Stop the criminalization of the field liberators and withdraw the dismissal of Barbara Van Dyck!

Listen here how she warmly supports the field liberators.

Please respond to the verdict expected on 24 September, or have your support for the field liberators already heard in advance. Please do send messages to your network, set up a press release, call your press and political contacts, and let us know via
You can still post support messages on

Alternatives to agribusiness exist! Seeds are a common good! Let us continue to struggle for a fair and ecologically sustainable agriculture!